11th International Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria Workshop

June 17-21, 2018 – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Aim and History of the International PGPR Workshop


We welcome you to the International PGPR Workshop, whether you are a “new comer” to these workshops, or you have been to several past workshops.

The aim of the workshop is very much connected to its history. The first International PGPR Workshop was held in 1987 in Canada with a small group of people. The word “workshop” was intentionally chosen instead of a “symposium” or “congress” to emphasize that a key aim of this meeting series is to allow scientists working on PGPR to have a venue for exchange of information, ideas, and concerns rather than only to “present our own results.” Accordingly at PGPR Workshops, there are certainly formal presentations, but there are also poster sessions with ample time to discuss and some afternoon discussion sessions where participants can suggest themes for discussion and then meet in small groups to discuss the themes. Finally, we also have one afternoon when participants can select an activity/excursion during which we can have informal discussions and enjoy some local scenery or activities. Welcome to PGPR 11 and our return to the country from which we started.


Historical List of International PGPR Venues

Workshop no. Date



September, 1987 Orillia, Ontario, Canada


October, 1990 Interlaken, Switzerland
3 March, 1994 Adelaide, Australia


October, 1997 Sapporo, Japan


October 2000 Cordoba, Argentina
6 October 2003 Kerala, India


May, 2006 Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands


May, 2009 Portland, Oregon, USA


June, 2012 Medellín, Colombia


June, 2015 Liege, Belgium


June, 2018 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada